Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Void ray rage

So ive started playing zerg in starcraft 2 because they are getting a pretty decent buff because of the other races getting nerfed in the near future (patch 1.2) and i have come to relaize unless i am expecting them to void ray rush me i am fucked. normal i try to counter ground units early on going speed lings banelings and roaches with speed tech and 1 armor upgrade from the evolution chamber. but the thing bad about that i cant attack air. sure ill have 70-90 supply with my ground units by the time they send in 3-4 voids but i cant attack them with my current anti ground build. and the way void rays are they are able to be built so fast that i can scout many times and see that they are going ground and when i dont scout for 3-4 mins i have void rays in my back door.

I feel to make up for zerg low teir units not being able to attack air needs to be made up with the hydra den not requiring a lair much like it was in starcraft 1, maybe move roaches to where hydras are but give them a slight range buff to compensate for them being an extra teir.


  1. Hate playing against toss as Zerg. D:

  2. i love playing zerg.. they have soo many options

  3. Void Ray's are pretty tough to beat almost downright impossible to beat when you don't expect them. I think their charge should only work on units and not on buildings. Check out my sc2 blog whenever.