Sunday, September 19, 2010

I went to the movies today and ended up seeing the new resident evil movie, and i must say i really enjoyed it. I'm not going to say it was the best movie i have ever seen because it wasn't. But its pretty high on the list of my favorites, and its worth a watch even if you are not much into the genre of movie.

also if anyone could suggest some anime for me to start watching Ive seemed to be caught up on everything that i'm currently watching.

Id also like to remind everyone that i'm currently looking for people to play hon with at a decent level of play.


  1. hm... also watched RE4 Friday, it´s so bad. It looks nice, a lot of special effects and the 3D is awesome, but seriously... slowmo every fucking time possible, really bad story, and the fight against wesker? dude, so matrix-like, he can dodge bullets, but gets hit by a knife in the head.

    well I watch One Piece. You probably already watched Death note and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Maybe watch Dokuro Chan, only 8 Episodes, but really funny :D

  2. haha its standard fair i would imagine. have you watched zegapain? i kinda liked it. it like matrix meets mecha. and a pretty okay tho complicated in some places story

  3. showing some love!
    keep up the good work

  4. Is it worth it just for the 3d, and Milla?