Thursday, September 2, 2010

Played HoN today

Well i just got done with a long night of playing HoN and i have come to realize im was MUCH beter at dota then i am at HoN, i dont know what it is. Not much has changed between the games a few new heroes and a few new items. I guess it might be because the graphics are beter and my eyes are just not used to having to last hit a good 3D creep haha.

On a second note, what would you guys think if i started commentating my games i was wanting to do it anyway but do you guys think i would have many viewers?


  1. vidya all the way man although your choice is poor

  2. following u i have blog about games too ) about hon.. played beta.. didn;'t liked it maybe i suk at dota or smth.

  3. cool story bro. i play LoL alot, you should give that a try. following you now