Friday, September 17, 2010

Chubby chasers

Me when i noticed all the chubby chasers

I recently moved to Colorado and i have noticed that there are a lot of chubby chasers in this state compared to other places that i have lived, at least people are a lot more open about the fact that they like larger people.

That being said I'm like a kid in a candy store being as I'm chubby and I'm a very shallow man when it comes to my women, making it much easier for me to find a good looking girl that likes a larger guy :D

In other news Cyberathlete Amateur League has returned announcing a HoN tournament with the grand prize being a full paid trip to dream hack in Sweden  to play vs some of the best HoN teams in the world. If anyone that is good at HoN is interested and making a team with me leave me a comment with your aim name or name in hon or what have you. Not looking to win, just want to have fun.


  1. I heard you have to know how to play Chronos to go to those tournys though

  2. I'm extremely thin, good thing I don't live there...